We focus on working with you to bring the processes that drive your business, in line with industry best practice. We map your current processes to help you identify and remove waste and replace manual processing with automated systems tailor-made for publishing. We have also focused heavily on integrating with the systems that are currently prevalent within publishing, to minimise cost and disruption.

Publishing Program Review           

It all starts with the books. Of course, we have no place in your selection of titles, but we can work with you to streamline your publishing process from acquisition through to printing, freeing up your team to focus on the all-important creative side of the business. 

Operational Review

We work with you to help identify and remove double-ups and wastage in the operational flow of your business, that are reducing your efficiency and productivity.

Custom System Development

We have both the publishing knowledge to understand your workflow process and the technological knowledge and experience to provide you with customised solutions to the disruptions in the supply chain. We also understand, however, that you will have invested heavily in your current systems and wherever possible, we work to integrate those systems into the new, more efficient workflows.

DiMO Implementation

A cost-effective software tool that manages your processes from acquisition to sale in-store, developed by our team, specifically for the publishing industry.

Royalties Management and Services

Our team can work with you to centralise all your rights and royalty information, bringing it together into one royalty statement for each book, across all editions, wherever the sale was made.

A Business Audit

We also understand that sometimes you needs are less specific.  You see warning signs in your business and would like help to identify the cause/s. This is the way much of our work begins, so we’re always happy to conduct a high level review of your systems and processes, bench marked against industry standards, to help clarify what needs to be done and work with you to develop the solutions.