Custom Publishing Solutions was created with one goal in mind.  To make the operational part of publishing as efficient as possible.  To reach this goal there is a need to use the latest in technology and utilise modern work practices to help businesses be more efficient.  We believe that to-do this our customers should be focused on the REMOVING cost from the operational part of their business and utilise technology here first so that valuable Human resource can be focused on the creative and content part of the business.

To meet this goal we have created three distinct services.

  • DIMO Publishing Solution – to meet the need for an intelligent system
  • CPS Operations – to provide operational human resources to complete tasks
  • CPS Development – to fulfil the gap and bring together systems for our clients.

DIMO: is a comprehensive publishing system designed for Book Publishers to follow the publishing process efficiently and effectively.  Built using the latest web technology it provides a solution and a process to guide and develop the publishing of books from Acquisition, to the finished product arriving in your warehouse or digital repository.

Features include:

  • Systems development of both internal and customer facing applications
  • System integration between both modern and legacy systems
  • Machine learning applications and AI systems integration

We expect to have a public TRIAL version of DIMO available shortly,  in the meantime please contact us for a personal demonstration of what the system can do.


CPS OPERATIONS: helps to facilitate the full logistical and operational side of your publishing business, utilising modern technologies that will help achieve exponential growth.

Our team are experts in modern business technology application and integration. We are trained to identify the best and most efficient practises available to business today. We employ the efficiencies of AI and Automation technologies that work alongside your workforce, creating a more profitable business model that allows you to make the best use of your Human Resources.

No longer the subject of sci-fi stories this technology with our expertise can change the landscape for your business.

  • System architecture, integration and management
  • Python development
  • Django Development
  • Filemaker development
  • Machine Learning and Neural nets development focused within Publishing
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • Outsourcing of IT infrastructure and management
  • Technology help-desk support
  • Management of metadata and delivery
  • Coordination of e-book development and distribution
  • Coordination, communication, negotiation with distribution, technology and reproduction vendors
  • 3PL Management and ongoing integration
  • Operational audits
  • Transaction processing for payables including royalties and digital marketing
  • Temporary or ongoing restructure support
  • Implementation and management of projects
  • Inventory planning, execution and integration

Contact us to see how these support methodologies make a difference to your business operations