With dynamic and progressive development, the beginning of Custom Publishing Solutions (CPS) has evolved out of powerful ideas ready to revolutionise publishing.

The story so far

As the world of automation evolves at an exponential rate, the current technology employed by the publishing sector is stunting organisational opportunities. The problem is not the creation of content, but the cumbersome operational systems that process it. The publishing industry is challenged by new digital products, which has and continues to change the shape of its customer base, resulting in an increased cost of doing business.

Our mission at Custom Publishing Solutions is to improve and modernise these systems and provide greater productivity outcomes for publishers. Our expert team and tailored operational systems will help your business to evolve with new technologies, whilst maintaining a competitive advantage.

Who we are

We are a group of publishing and technology experts. Together, we have the drive and the know-how to influence the way the business of publishing is done. To achieve this, we have invested heavily in database, AI and automation technologies. This enables us to provide you with the best knowledge, advice and services available.

Why we are here

Our mission is to help publishing to continue to evolve in with the technology landscape by leading core businesses into the AI and automation age. Assisting you to understand the ever-changing operational needs in an automated digital world.

What we offer

We are working with publishing professionals, to provide technical and operations solutions through technology, process and human resources in order to achieve four key outcomes:

  • Lower overall costs through better information to make correct decisions
  • Streamline day to day operations for better efficiency
  • Boost productivity and create better workflows
  • Save costs

Guided by our expert team, we tailor our services to help your organisation achieve it’s business objectives. Through ongoing consultation, we package realistic milestones to create the best outcomes for your business.

For further details on the services, head to our Services Page, or contact our team to discuss your needs.