DIMO is a comprehensive system designed for Publishers to efficiently and effectively run their business.  Built using the latest web technology it provides a modern interface to ensure that the acquisition, editorial, production, and distribution life-cycle  can be run effectively and on-time.

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CPS Operations, a complementary arm of Custom Publishing Solutions engaged to reduce client overheads and help increase margins. By allowing publishers to outsource their non-publishing activities though the use of modern technologies, including IT Outsourcing, Data Management, Supply Chain Management and Digital Distribution.

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DEVELOP exists specifically to develop custom solutions to help integrate existing applications or create new ones.  We are experts in building and integrating systems in Python, Filemaker, Java, and .Net, that are designed to be used in media applications such as book publishing and news production. Integration is the door and DEVELOP is the key.

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The problem we solve

Our primary objective is to reduce the high operational cost of running a publishing business. We do this by using cutting edge technology combined with operational solutions to create cost efficiencies in production, inventory and distribution.

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